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"Russia.FUR Fashion Week"

в центре внимания только мех.

   For centures Russia was famouse for its fur and fur industry all over the world. On November 22, 2018 the new milestone of this industry was solemnly opened in the center of Moscow. It was called "Russia. FUR Fashion Week".
The most courageous fur brands showed their "soft gold" on the catwalk in the historical building just near the TSUM with an official support of "Rolls-Royce". Not only high-technological effectiveness of manufacture and design was shown by the brands, but also unity of spirit, readiness to unite for strengthening of the market and increase in its competitiveness.
  "Russia. FUR Fashion week" presents the boundless force of the fur art designed to inspire designers from all around the world by its perfection…"
   Participants of the fashion show presented more than 160 looks in different styles.
The show attracted a genuine interest among professional participants of the market:
you could meet representatives of the world auction houses NAFA and Kopenhagen Furs, heads of fashion houses and leading experts of fur market and fashion industry.
Despite the existing world trend, the press treated the show favourably - more than 30 different media were accredited.
   It was long ago when such astonishing viewers were succeeded to be brought together.
We can confidentely say that "Russia.Fur Fashion Week" can become the platform to present fur brands' collections annually.

   "Russia.Fur Fashion Week" is the new image for the fur:
- modern;
- eco-friendly;
- hi-tech;
- and, certainly, exclusively beautiful …"